Dental Implants


Dental implants are the closest replacement to missing teeth as the screw replaces the root structure and the abutment (with crown/cap) replaces the visible part of the tooth.

We offer both screw type and basal implants in our clinic.

Implants are used to replace single, multiple or entire jaw of missing teeth. They act like fixed teeth.

Advantages include the fact that they maintain the bone width and height and also the adjacent teeth are not trimmed down to replace missing teeth.

Smile design/Cosmetic Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry includes- tooth coloured fillings (composite fillings) , teeth whitening (bleaching), direct or indirect veneers(smile design) contouring of the gums , tooth coloured crowns and more.

Dental veneers  are thin layers placed over teeth to enhance the smile by modifying tooth shape, length and colour. They can be used to mask and repair  fractured teeth, discoloured teeth or spaces between teeth etc.They can either be layers  of tooth coloured filling placed on the tooth (DIRECT VENEER) or  shells made of porcelain or composite (INDIRECT VENEER)

 General Dentistry


We provide high quality dental treatment based on the requirements of the patient. We treat child patients as well as geriatric (old patients).

Child dental treatment includes preventive treatment (fluoride application, pit and fissure sealants, serial extractions, habit breaking appliance) and Corrective treatment (like fillings, pulp therapy and more)


Gum therapy includes- teeth cleaning, gum surgeries. Teeth cleaning (scaling) should be done at least once in a year to maintain the health and position of the teeth and gums.


Root Canal Treatment is done to relieve pain, save the tooth and restore  function.It is done when caries reaches the innermost layer of the tooth (pulp).

Crown and bridge, dentures  are treatment forms of replacing missing teeth and reinforcing broken down teeth.

Dental Surgery include simple tooth removal to surgical wisdom tooth removal , fracture reduction.

All the  above and much more is provided to restore the cosmetic and functional dental result using advanced and affordable treatment options

We educate and make our patients aware so they can maintain a better oral health.Brushing , flossing and regular visits to your dentist can help keep dental diseases at bay.

Braces (Orthodontic Treatment)


Crowded teeth, teeth too forward or tilted inwards, spaces between teeth, scissor bite, inability to chew , breaking habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, tongue thrusting etc are all corrected using orthodontic treatment. AGE is no bar, early intervention always helps.

Braces are now no more limited to train track steel- ceramic options , aligners (no wire technique) and lingually (on the inner surfaces of teeth) placed brackets are available treatment options.

Count on us to suggest what is best suited for your condition. Braces not only improves your appearance but it makes teeth functionally effective.

WE OFFER COURSES BY ACADEMY OF FIXED ORTHODONTICS, NEW YORK in our clinic for dentists. Contact us to know more.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation


Our teeth (upper and lower) are meant to meet in a certain way so they can maintain our face height, help us chew and make us look good.

This harmony can be lost due to several reasons like not getting missing teeth replaced in time, having a teeth grinding habit, accidents, deformities, gum disease, etc.

In such situations all the teeth present in the mouth need treatment to restore the proportions, shape, structure and balance  to a favorable bite.

At Mouth Matters we understand the importance and help in rehabilitating our patients back to function.